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Facade, frame, modular, Plettac scaffoldings.


Plettac facade scaffolding is the most popular scaffolding system used for construction works, even at great hights. It is characterized by structural stability, durability and safety and guarantees easy and quick, tool-free assembly and disassembly. Elements of steel frame scaffolding, such as frames, guardrails and bracings are covered with a zinc coating, while wooden working platforms and toe boards are secured with high-quality impregnation, which significantly extends their life span. We also sell high quality alu-plywood access platforms with ladders and accessories: base jacks, couplers, anchors and consoles.

Facade scaffolding thanks to its modular structure and various uses frame spacing can be adapted to almost any facade.

Our offer includes all scaffolding elements. We adjust the production and sale to the wishes of our customers - we sell both the entire construction scaffolding tailored to a specific facade, as well as selected elements at the customer's request.

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